Chatting with Ed Lin, author of Taipei-based novel Incensed

Ed Lin is a Taiwanese American writer and novelist based in New York.  As the first author to win three Asian American Literary Awards, he published Incensed last fall which continues his Taipei-based series started with Ghost Month.

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New Asia Chamber Music Society: Asian Culture Within Classical Music

The New Asia Chamber Music Society (NACMS) is a classical group committed to bringing audiences exceptional performances of the chamber music repertoire, infusing contemporary Asian culture into the canon of western classical music. Founded in 2010, the organization has since been hailed by New York Concert Reviews as “an impressively organized and professional group… comprised of many young and gifted players”.

TAP-NY had the chance to speak with Taiwanese American NACMS co-founders and musicians Andy Lin and Nan-Cheng Chen after their recent season opening concert.

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A Home Away from Home at TK Kitchen

Originally from Danshui, Taiwan, Taiwanese American Peggy Shih of TK Kitchen initially held a corporate job in marketing.  When the opportunity arose to take a three month sabbatical in New York to study English, she jumped at the chance – and those three short months have now become almost a decade.

TK Kitchen, located in St. Mark’s, is known for its variety of drinks and traditional, light Taiwanese fare, serving classics such as gua bao, braised pork rice, and stinky tofu.  TAP-NY swung by to learn the inspiration behind this classic St. Mark’s establishment.

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Talking Music and Math with Stephanie Chou

Taiwanese American Stephanie Chou is a saxophonist, singer, and composer based in New York City, whose music combines classical and Chinese influences with jazz and pop harmonies and rhythms.  Stephanie has performed her music across the world – from Taipei and Beijing to NYC and Italy – and seeks to produce “global music that is artistically challenging, bold and fearless, and which presents a unique musical perspective.”

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Startups, Tech, Careers: Interviewing the Founder of The Hatchery

Ten years ago, Taiwanese American Yao Huang founded The Hatchery, a New-York based startup incubator, with the mission of fostering an environment in which innovation can thrive. Today, her firm partners with brands like Microsoft and Amazon to incubate innovative, early-stage companies.  We sat down for a cup of coffee with her for this month’s TAP-NY Spotlight!

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