On Scaling a Company: Co-Founder Dr. David Shih of CityMD

Founded in 2010 by a passionate group of emergency medicine physicians, CityMD is the leading urgent care provider in the New York metropolitan area.  In 8 years, CityMD has grown from one Manhattan practice to more than 100 total locations while treating over 5 million patients.  

TAP-NY had the chance to sit with Dr. David Shih, co-founder, former Chief Medical Officer and EVP of Strategy at CityMD to learn more about the company’s rapid growth and his experiences leading up to CityMD.

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Discussing Asian American food and culture with LUCKYRICE founder Danielle Chang

Few people embody the phrase ‘cultural entrepreneur’ more so than Danielle Chang, founder of LUCKYRICE, the popular food festival spotlighting Asian cultures and cuisines.  Now in its 9th year, LUCKYRICE has held festivals in 8 cities including New York, Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles, and most recently launched a TV series, LUCKY CHOW, and a contemporary Asian cookbook.

TAP-NY had the chance to ask about Danielle’s perspectives into modern day trends in Asian American cuisine and culture.

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Introducing Spotlight by TAP-NY!

TAP-NY is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that exists to foster the Taiwanese American community within the NYC area. Spotlight is a publication by TAP-NY dedicated to raising Taiwanese American awareness, both within the community and across community borders. Our first article series is Spotlights, where we will be conducting deep dive interviews with prominent community members … Continue reading Introducing Spotlight by TAP-NY!