Startups, Tech, Careers: Interviewing the Founder of The Hatchery

Ten years ago, Taiwanese American Yao Huang founded The Hatchery, a New-York based startup incubator, with the mission of fostering an environment in which innovation can thrive. Today, her firm partners with brands like Microsoft and Amazon to incubate innovative, early-stage companies.  We sat down for a cup of coffee with her for this month’s TAP-NY Spotlight!

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Introducing Spotlight by TAP-NY!

TAP-NY is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization that exists to foster the Taiwanese American community within the NYC area. Spotlight is a publication by TAP-NY dedicated to raising Taiwanese American awareness, both within the community and across community borders. Our first article series is Spotlights, where we will be conducting deep dive interviews with prominent community members … Continue reading Introducing Spotlight by TAP-NY!